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What is a software framework?

A software development framework is basically an application, product, or system that provides a set of components that can be used for different applications to reduce the cost and time it takes to develop the entire application.

A Framework may provide common functionalities like logging, authentication, etc., that are shared across many other apps.
Frameworks are often designed to solve specific types of problems and support the development process.
Frameworks can be used to develop desktop applications, mobile apps, or web-based applications.

There are various types of frameworks available, depending on the programming language that you are using.
Each framework has its own set of tools and documentation.
Most frameworks provide support to write code in a specific programming language and follow well-defined architecture or patterns that help developers easily create and modify applications.

A software development framework is also known as a web app development framework because it provides the tools required to build complex web apps, such as social media apps, e-commerce stores, etc.